After many years of supporting educators, teachers, educational leaders and managers in the early childhood and primary sectors we decided to establish Collaborative Training Solutions, a one stop shop for professional learning, advisory leadership, in service support and management services. We are experienced leaders, passionate about the rights of children and their families to experience the best  education and care.  

After conversations with many of you about the need for professional support and guidance, we offer you what you asked for Your training your way. Our services are offered throughout Australia and internationally.

We want to come and meet with you and your colleagues, visit your service and create tailored professional development and mentoring sessions. We can plan our next steps together, developing professional learning plans that meet the aspirations of educators and leaders. We can enable services to meet the requirements of the National Quality Standard and teacher accreditation using a strengths based approach.  Check out our Professional learning page for more information. 

Contact Julie on 0452 374 733 or to arrange your free initial consultation. 

We're very excited to add a new service to our clients, our Management Services. We have been working on solutions to common issues for small businesses and have developed a business mentoring program Your business, your way.  Developing staff is a challenge for many businesses and our Gift of Feedback package is designed to build capacity within your service. We can also guide you through the assessment and rating process and applications for an Excellent rating. To find out more about these services, visit our Management Services page.  

"I can honestly say that having Julie here was a positive turning point for our Service and could not recommend her highly enough to anyone wishing to get their workplace on track." Kaye and Stacey

"Julie’s program for performance management and staff appraisals has changed the way our people see their performance within the service. This has allowed us to improve practice and implement efficiencies across a number of areas including increasing the accountability of staff to improve practice." Samantha

"Julie arrived and within a few hours, identified the core challenges and issues. Through her incredible professionalism and patience, she has managed to build a strong happy team in an environment where staff were miserable. We now have a motivated, directed team, who actually enjoy coming to work." Debbie

See more about what Julie's clients are saying about her work on our Testimonials page. Contact Julie on 0452 374 733 or to arrange your free initial consultation. 

Check out our blogs for useful articles, creative ideas, opportunities and support for you and your team. We have two blogs available on our Blog page.

Parenting today is aimed at supporting parents with interesting parenting tips and information about how children develop and learn.

The professional educator is aimed at educators and teachers working in early childhood education and care services, family daycare, primary school early years and out of school care services.

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