One of the most common feedback we have had after training sessions is the need for the participants to spend time sharing their ideas, reflecting on their practices and problem solving with colleagues. Time to enjoy professional discussions is a luxury in the busyness of the working day. 

Come and join us at a venue in your area to engage with colleagues from your own and other local services over a cup of coffee (or tea) in a relaxed atmosphere. Facilitated by Collaborative Training Solutions consultants, our cafe sessions are based on the World Café Method, a concept developed to support transformative conversations for busy professionals. 

Using the World Café process enables us to establish the group culture and:

  • set the context for our discussions as we explore pressing questions in the local education and care community  
  • create a safe and welcoming space that encourages creative thinking and where participants are comfortable to freely share their ideas and reflections 
  • discuss issues and ideas relevant to the experiences and context of the participants 
  • encourage everyone's contributions by supporting participants to engage with each other however they choose to 
  • connect people as they share their diverse perspectives and insights
  • encourage active listening, respecting other speakers as the group develops common themes and connections
  • share our collective discoveries, reflecting on and recording outcomes. 

Gather your colleagues and come and join us for a cuppa and a chat. 

For more information about the World Cafe method, enjoy their website The World Cafe