Have you ever wanted someone with whom you could talk things through; someone who was confidential and enabled you to tease out your thoughts and ideas while offering support for you to achieve your goals?

Over time our coaching services have evolved to meet the real needs of leaders as they strive to improve both their lives and the lives of the people they influence. Our coaches offer a variety of services including:

  • Leadership coaching for the education sector and beyond including support for establishing a mentoring culture within your organisation
  • Career coaching for career changers and people seeking to improve their career progression and employability  
  • Business coaching for business owners and managers
  • Life and personal coaching for your own growth and development

Our coaches use methodologies refined from their experience over time. During the first session we tease out realistic and achievable goals together, broken down into manageable actions. These are written up in our agreed format for you, so you can take action immediately. We also set catch up dates at this time, so we have a clear time-bound process.

Our coaching program is tailored to your requirements and the coaching relationship is confidential and mutually negotiated. Your coach is your critical friend and will offer you honest and practical advice and guidance to strengthen your performance, empower you in your work and promote personal growth. 

Distance and isolation is no barrier, we use Skype, Messenger, WhatApp or similar apps so we can have a face to face meetings without the travel expenses. Let's talk about how we can support you in your roles. Call Julie on 0452 374 733 for a confidential discussion.