Belonging, Being and Becoming

I've been part of the early childhood sector since the late 1980s and have seen many changes as those factors that create change evolve over time. Factors such as governments recognising and acknowledging early childhood education and developing legislation to support sector growth while striving to increase the quality of education and care for children and their families. 

Legislation is one facet of the early childhood story and the development of an early childhood education sector often precedes legislation. Legislation is there to support the sector by providing a platform from which to launch better quality provision. It's there to enable monitoring of services, celebrating those who are doing well and providing services with a starting point from which to plan improvements. It's there to support the people working in the sector, legitimising their roles as education professionals.

The National Quality Framework sets a program of quality improvement with clear indicators of what quality might look like outlined in the National Quality Standard; a set of accessible guiding documents, including the curriculum frameworks; and an assessment and rating system that sets benchmarks of quality improvement for services. 

The current program of reform bodes well for the future growth and increasing quality of the early childhood sector; for how early childhood services support families in their role; for that concept of the village raising the child and the child being part of a community Belonging, Being and Becoming. 

This is the first post of my new blog for early childhood professionals. I plan to write of my adventures out and about in services, providing ideas for quality improvement and generally demystifying the complexities of the National Quality Framework and the assessment and rating process.

From what I've seen so far, there are wonderful practices out there and dedicated early childhood professionals doing their very best to provide the quality education and care the children in their community deserve.