Managing staff performance is one of the key aspects many leaders and managers find difficult. This can be particularly difficult in a small business whose core income is generated from the aptitudes, attitudes and public perceptions of its staff. Tensions within teams are noticeable and this could jeopardise your business reputation. 

Our Your business your way program offers a performance development and appraisal service to support you to get the best from your staff while strengthening relationships within your team. We offer you on site support for those difficult conversations, teasing out the issues and developing solutions with you and your staff. 

An education focussed workplace has unique and specific features requiring relationship based solutions. Let us coach you to:

  • develop a performance development and appraisal system for your workplace
  • work with you to tailor existing performance appraisal systems
  • establish performance development plans for all your staff
  • develop strategies to enable difficult conversations and feedback for growth and change
  • establish mentoring relationships within your service
  • build a team of educators with agency

"Julie’s program for performance management and staff appraisals has changed the way our people see their performance within the service. This has allowed us to improve practice and implement efficiencies across a number of areas including increasing the accountability of staff to improve practice."