“Julie came to work with us to design a Professional Development Programme.  She not only helped identify, streamline and prioritise skills, procedures and workloads, but worked alongside our Management Team to create a manageable evaluation system for staff professional development needs.  Julie developed and presented a workshop entitled “The Gift of Feedback” and conducted informative and valuable training to our Educators on the floor.  I can honestly say that having Julie here was a positive turning point for our Service and could not recommend her highly enough to anyone wishing to get their workplace on track.”

Kaye and Stacey, leadership team, Redlynch Premium Childcare, Cairns

“We have used Julie a number of times now and where others have struggled, she has managed to effect change in culture and performance across a number of practice areas. Julie’s extensive experience in early childhood education and care means she relates well to educators and service management, quickly gaining trust and building rapport which allows her to understand current practice and implement sustainable change. Julie’s program for performance management and staff appraisals has changed the way our people see their performance within the service. This has allowed us to improve practice and implement efficiencies across a number of areas including increasing the accountability of staff to improve practice. Julie was able to quickly and efficiently tailor professional development sessions for us based on understanding the current requirements of our services and the people she was working with. This meant that on very short notice, she prepared and presented high quality professional development days and staff meeting workshops.”

Samantha, National Manager Quality Education, Total Childcare Solutions, Brisbane

"Our preschool was struggling with a number of challenges, including staff interpersonal relationships, management style, move from  preschool to long day care.  Julie arrived and within a few hours, identified the core challenges and issues. A team who did not trust each other quickly developed strong trusting relationships with Julie. Through her incredible professionalism and patience, she has managed to build a strong happy team in an environment where staff were miserable.  We now have a motivated, directed team, who actually enjoy coming to work.  The team now have goals, clear direction in terms of working towards QIP and clearly directed performance appraisal system.  Most importantly, the team now trust each other.  Julie has made herself incredibly available to staff and Board members alike, lending an ear, and being unbelievably supportive.

Our preschool is not for profit and run by a director, assisted by a parent board, Julie is the ideal person to lend the professionalism staff require in this type of environment. She can support the director with challenging decisions, where a Parent Board do not necessarily have the time, skills or experience to do so."

Debbie, Board President, Apples and Honey Preschool, Sydney