Collaborative Training Solutions offers set programs for practicing educators alongside solutions tailored for specific services. Our programs incorporate the requirements of both the National Quality Standard and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Our current suite of training is detailed below. You can choose to combine any or all of the elements to suit your needs and the needs of your service. We deliver conference, staff meeting, evening or weekend sessions. 

Each of the topics for teachers represents 4.5 hours of face to face professional learning delivered over three sessions. Also included is 1.5 hours of self directed learning where participants are guided to critically reflect on what they have learnt while putting their new learning into practice. 

1. Learning environments

  • Designing environments for learning
  • Physically active environments    
  • Risky business

2. Engaging children

  • Building relationships
  • Play at the heart of learning
  • Supporting inclusive practices

3. Documenting learning

  • Planning for learning
  • What, why and how much - records of learning
  • Professional practices for planning and assessment

Our leadership package includes 6 hours of professional learning. This package includes ongoing supported leadership networks and the latest resources to support leaders in their role.

4. Being a leader

  • Practices for leadership in ECEC
  • Partnerships
  • Building a great team
  • The gift of feedback